Past Events

2018 – 2019

Washington DC Update – Senator Debbie Stabnow

Lt. Governor Candidate -  Lisa Posthumus Lyons

Shaheen Development - Dr. Samuel Shaheen and Peter Shaheen

Economic & Market Perspectives - John Augustine 

The Benefits of Conscious Capitalism - Herb Spence, Kim Norris, Gene Pickelman, and Dick Garber

The Impact of the Healthcare Industry in the Great Lakes Bay Region  - Ed Bruff, Ray Stover, Ellen Talbott,

Dr. Stephanie Duggan

2017 – 2018

West Michigan Policy Forum – Roger Spoelman and Jase Bolger

What's Next for Michigan Business – Congressman John Moolenaar

The College of Business and Management: A Catalyst for Regional Economic Development – Anthony Bowrin

The Economics of Sports in the Great Lakes Bay Region – Michael Alford, Craig Goslin, Scott Little, Wendy Scott

Economic Overview and Trends in the Great Lakes Bay Region and Michigan – Martin Lavelle

A New Talent Initiative for the Great Lakes Bay Region – Steve Jonas, Amy Cell, Riley Hupfer

The DowDuPont Merger: What it Means for the Great Lakes Bay Region – Reiner Roghmann

2016 – 2017

Saginaw River Deeping Study – Adam Fox

State of Michigan – Congressman Dan Kildee

Cops and Doughnuts – Alan "Bubba" White

Automotive Update – Dennis Hoeg

Entrepreneur Panel – Erin Strang, Ken Kousky, Dave Dittenber

Local Healthcare – Clarence Sevillian

Agricultural Panel – Joe Cramer, Mike Fassezke, Ken Nobis, Ray VanDriessche

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